What Is “Clean” Eating 

The buzzword at the moment seems to be clean eating.
But do you know what clean eating actually is and if you don’t where would you start if you wanted to adopt this way of eating?
Clean eating is basically eating food that has not been tampered with or processed in anyway.
If you are eating a food that has a long list of ingredients in it, some of which you cannot pronounce then that has been processed
So ultimately people following a clean diet, eat proper whole foods in their purest form, they cook from scratch.
Eating in this way can have a major impact not only on your waistline but on your health.
My clients and myself find that we have more energy, we have better skin and hair, we sleep better and feel healthier from the inside out!
Below I share with you my 5 Top Tips if you would like to clean up your diet
Start reading the labels on everything that you buy, you will be amazed when you start to see how much sugar and other things are put into things that you may think are healthy
Eat a protein rich breakfast, it is time to ditch the cereals and toast, as again they have ingredients, turn instead to eggs, fish, vegetables and salads for breakfast. It can feel strange at first but you soon get used to it

Drink lots of water and cut out any fizzy drinks, squash and fruit juices. 

Cut out bread from your diet, bread especially white bread contains sugars and other ingredients which can be very bloating for a lot of people

Start to experiment with different meats, fish and vegetables. Get creative and re discover a love of cooking from scratch. A slow cooker is a wonderful thing to use especially at this time of the year

I hope that you have found some of this useful, I would invite you to contact me at kellyravenscroft@keepfitwithkelly.com if you want to ask me any questions regarding health and fitness.
I would also love to offer you the chance to join my 30 Days Abs Blast Challenge for FREE, once you sign up you get exercises and nutrition tips delivered straight to your inbox every day for 30 days. You can sign up HERE!

Kelly x

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